Dawson-Bryant conducts white table ceremony

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 13, 2021

Assistant principal Monica Mahlmeister speaks to students in the cafeteria at the start of the white table ceremony, conducted by fifth graders, for Veterans Day at Dawson-Bryant Elementary School on Thursday. (The Ironton Tribune | Heath Harrison)

DEERING — Students having lunch at Dawson-Bryant Elementary School on Thursday were witness to ceremony that taught them the meaning of Veterans Day.

As is done every year at the school, fifth graders at the school conducted a white table ceremony in front of each of the lunch periods in the cafeteria.

“We want to remember the heroes we set this table for,” assistant principal Monica Mahlmeister told the students of the display, which was set up at the front of the room.

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She explained to them that the table is similar to those set up in dining halls at military bases all over the world to honor the fallen, missing in action or those held captive in the line of duty.

Students took turns reading and narrating while Ella Blair held up each item mentioned.

The table, set for one, includes a white cloth, symbolizing purity of motives of those called to duty, a single plate, symbolizing strength and healing, an inverted glass, which shows the inability of those honored to share the meal, a black napkin, for prisoners of war, silverware, which shines in remembrance of those fallen, a vase, tied with a red ribbon, representing commitment, and a single rose to remind of blood shed and the loved ones awaiting a return.

Mahlmeister said the table would remain on display for the rest of the school day as a tribute.