EDITORIAL: Still time to be prepared

Published 1:36 am Saturday, December 18, 2021

Though it’s been unseasonably warm this week, we are only four days away from the start of winter and, with that, comes hazardous weather and conditions of the season.

Hopefully, we be spared the kind of extreme events like the triple ice storm of last February, but, chances are, the region will have some weather event before spring arrives.

Here are some ways you can prepare in the meantime.

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• Check tires on all vehicles to make sure they have good treads.

• Refill the stock of propane for heaters and, if you think you will need a generator, seek one before the rush of any storm announcement.

• Make sure your vehicle is equipped with an ice scraper, as well an emergency kit with a blanket, warm clothing and nonperishable food.

• Keep a supply of non-clumping kitty litter at home to keep sidewalks from being slippery.

• Invest in supplies to keep pipes from freezing.

While some of these seem rather obvious and are small details, they’re worth keeping in mind and doing now, rather than waiting until the last minute.