Chesapeake students create nontraditional Christmas trees (WITH GALLERY)

Published 1:22 am Saturday, December 25, 2021

CHESAPEAKE — Each year, those entering Chesapeake High School are treated to a display that takes objects that some may find mundane or not give much thought to, and transforms them into a holiday display.

The school hosted its annual showcase of nontraditional Christmas trees leading into the break for winter, put together by Art I and II students in Robin Kimball’s classes.

Altogether, there were 60 trees, built by freshman through seniors, which incorporated found objects, such as balloons, fish tank pebbles, egg shells, parts of a cut up basketball, Pokemon cards, peppermints, electrical connectors and more.

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Kimball said the students come up with an idea and approach her for approval.

“It’s first come, first served,” she said, making sure there are no duplicates.

She said the students, working as individuals and in groups, build the form for trees out of cardboard before applying the objects.

“I want them to think out of the box,” she said, adding that she encourages them at the beginning of the year to begin saving and collecting for the project.

“They’re challenged with having a small budget,” she said. “I don’t want them spending a lot of money.”

Kimball said that they have had offers to buy some of the trees. One, featuring macaroons, made out of clay, has already been claimed — by Kimball’s daughter, Abbey, who owns and operates Abbey Shae Bakes. Her signature items are macaroons, sold in various flavors through her popular food truck.

Kimball said the project also teaches students about the principles of designs, as well as creating installation art.

“And you learn you can make art out of anything,” she said.