Combination of athetics and academics draws Ironton’s Hall to Ohio Wesleyan

Published 11:36 pm Saturday, January 22, 2022

Ironton Lady Fighting Tigers’ senior track standout Emma Hall signed a letter-of-intent to throw shot and discus for Ohio Wesleyan University. Attending the signing ceremony were: from left to right, brother Kamryn Hall, brother Kaleb Boyer, father Bob Boyer, Emma, mother Nikki Boyer and sister Kasey Boyer. (Photo by Tim Gearhart)

Jacob D. Ball

For The Ironton Tribune

Ironton High senior Emma Hall is one of the gems of the community.

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For the last few years, Hall has been a standout track and field athlete in the events of shot put and discus.

As a result of her transcendence on the field, she has attracted the attention of numerous collegiate track coaches looking to add her talents to their teams.

This past Wednesday, she answered the call of one of those coaches when she committed to join Ohio Wesleyan University’s track and field team. Hall was impressed by OWU’s methodical coaching style which is balanced by their commitment to academics.

“In OWU I have found a school that is going to push and support me to excel in both academics and athletics. I feel lucky to have found a school that values learning as much as success on the field,” said Hall

OWU track coach, Kris Boey, was impressed with Emma as well; he said that “she (Hall) possesses the ability to really develop into someone who can be a national caliber athlete here.”

When asked if there was any specific anecdote as to why he wanted Hall to join OWU’s track team, Boey shared a story about what happened at a recent track clinic at OWU.

The weight throw is not an event that is competed by high school athletes and the coaches were showing the high school athletes the proper technique for completing a weight throw.

After being shown this technique, Hall completed a throw using the three spin technique. If you are not familiar with the weight throw, you may not realize the importance of this accomplishment.

Boey said that three spins is something that usually takes college freshmen a whole season to pick up and it was remarkable that Hall picked it up on the first day.

In fact, Boey said that coaches instructing the event sought him out to make sure that he had seen Hall doing it. Boey said that Hall has, “a natural aptitude that will give her such a great head start.”

Another reason given by Boey as to why he’s excited for Hall to join his team is that, “She has the character to help realize her full potential and actualize her talents.”

To use Coach Boey’s words, an example of Emma Hall’s character actualizing her talents can be seen in another sport she has excelled in, powerlifting.

Her excellence at powerlifting is monumental on its own merit, but the fact she found a way to compete is a testament to her character.

When Hall first started competing in powerlifting, Ironton did not have a powerlifting team.

However, this lack of a team did not impede Hall’s quest to compete in powerlifting. Her determination to compete led to Ironton coaches Brian Bowling and Trevon Pendleton allowing her to do winter weight training with the football team.

She entered the competitions as an independent competitor, and through the respect she earned, Bowling and Pendleton supported her when she competed at the State Powerlifting Meet, a meet in which she became state champion in deadlifting and finished second overall in her weight class.

Hall’s hard work and determination led her to compete at a high level in powerlifting, and perhaps even more impressive, the respect she earned helped her to spearhead the formation of Ironton’s Powerlifting team.

Those accomplishments are the result of the character that Coach Boey is so excited about.

A talented, hard working athlete is something any coach would want on their team, but Boey also spoke to elements that Hall possesses that make her a great fit for Wesleyan.

He spoke to Hall as a student saying, “She’s an excellent student and she’s driven in the classroom and that’s really a priority here.”

Boey hit the nail on the head with that comment, as Hall is a truly outstanding scholar. She is highly intelligent and always achieves perfection in all of her academic pursuits.

Hall also shows leadership with her academic pursuits as she is currently the President of Ironton’s chapter of the National Honor Society.

Speaking of leadership, which is an element of Hall that Coach Boey spoke of that makes her a great fit for OWU, “We highly value team culture here, and Emma has the personality and characteristics that will be a great asset to our team.”

These character traits are things that Hall has shown right here in Ironton.

Hall has been a talented tenor saxophone player in the Million Dollar Marching Band who eventually rose to the rank of drum major.

Drum majors are so important to leadership and team building for marching bands both on and off the field. Hall has fulfilled the role of drum major with great distinction.

Hall’s leadership experience in that venue as well as her leadership experience in sports truly will be an asset to the Wesleyan Track Team.

When spring rolls around and track season comes, it is highly recommended that you check out a track meet and see a future national caliber athlete while her talents are still on display here in Lawrence County.

Emma Hall is truly one of the gems of our community and it would be great to show her your support.