For women, by women

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Ironton-based jewelry, apparel business thrives

Women empowerment. Strong mamas. Handmade with love.

These are all ideas that go into the creation of items from Mountain Moverz, a business based in Ironton that is ran by women.

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“We are an e-commerce jewelry and apparel company,” Jessica Wilson, who focuses on the jewelry side of the business, said.

They create a variety of pieces for a wide range of customers, the youngest of which are newborn. One of their popular items is customizable Mommy and Me pieces.

As for jewelry that is geared more toward adults, “everything is made so you can layer multiple pieces, it should all flow together,” Wilson said.

She noted that the bangles and beads they produce are gold-filled, “so they won’t chip or tarnish.”

While they’re currently an entirely online business, shop manager Jana Daniels says they hope to have products featured in other local brick and mortar shops in the future.

“We’ve done some different collabs with local shops, like giveaways, but hope to have a bigger relationship in the future,” she said.

In addition to their locally crafted jewelry, their apparel is designed in house, as well.

“It’s super collaborative,” said Daniels, stating they are all encouraged to share their ideas as a team.

Lauren Mixon, the owner of Mountain Moverz, has the final say on designs and makes sure that they align with the company’s brand.

The designs are “printed with ink, so it won’t flake or come off,” Wilson said.

The entrepreneurs don’t plan to stop there, either.

“At the end of the year, we got our own embroidery machine and we’re starting to learn it,” Daniels said.

“We truly love making these look great,” she said of their array of products.

Wilson described why she enjoys the work they do saying,

“We’re a small shop,” she said. “We’re all women, we all encourage each other, we’re a team — more like a family.”

You can find Mountain Moverz online at and on Etsy under the same name.