Living independently

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 27, 2022

Thanks to Remote Supports, a technology-based service system, Dorothy Martin is able to live independently.

When Dorothy’s mother could no longer act as a caregiver in the home, Lawrence County Developmental Disabilities service and support administrator, Sarah Akers, helped Dorothy and her guardian find other options.

“Remote Support uses two-way communication in real time, like Skype or FaceTime, so a person can talk with their direct service provider, even when the provider is not in their home,” Akers said.

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The service also includes supports like sensors that can call for help if a person has fallen or cameras that show who is at the door. All Medicaid waivers cover the cost and maintenance of equipment used for Remote Support service delivery.

“This support has given Dorothy the confidence she needs to live independently. In addition to Remote Support services, she also has in-home service providers to help develop skills such as cooking and keeping her house tidy,” Akers said.

According to Lawrence County DD Superintendent, Julie Monroe, Ohio is a Technology First State — meaning that assistive technology should be explored before other supports are considered.

“Remote Support services, and other technology-based services, can increase opportunities for independence in the lives of people developmental disabilities,” Monroe said.

For more information Remote support services, visit the Lawrence County DD website at