Letter to the editor: Gibbons will not let rural Ohioans be neglected

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 3, 2022

With midterms just around the corner and political campaigns ramping up across the state, I’m reminded yet again how often our leaders forget about rural America and stay focused on the suburban communities.

One U.S. Senate candidate in the Ohio race who has caught my eye is Mike Gibbons, a businessman who is working his way around the entire state to meet with all communities, not just those with large voter bases.

As a resident of rural Ohio, I care deeply about God, guns and the economy. I’m proud to be from rural Ohio and I want our small towns to be represented by our leaders, not overlooked for Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati.

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We need a businessman like Mike, who started off as a driveway paver, with the experience necessary to bring back jobs to rural Ohio and get us the attention we deserve. He understands the feeling of struggling to make ends meet as just a common man, but he also understands success and how to bring economic strength without falling into the establishment.

Mike has proven that he actually cares about hearing what people from all walks of life have to say through his 88 county tour. He’s been to many areas of southeastern Ohio and is set on continuing to visit small towns.
Mike Gibbons is a strong candidate for U.S. Senate and I’m putting my support behind him, because he’ll remember our small towns in Washington.

Justin Pizzulli
Franklin Furnace