U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson: President did not touch on many of challenges facing U.S.

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 6, 2022

These are serious times both here at home and around the world. And tonight, I didn’t hear a speech that met the challenges of this moment.

Most of the world now understands that energy security is national security. Europe’s rush to green energy policies have put the continent under the thumb of Vladimir Putin. But thankfully, Europe, led by Germany, is reversing course, announcing the construction of new LNG import terminals, stockpiling oil and coal and turning back on the nuclear power they recently shut off.

So tonight, I waited for President Joe Biden to announce America’s return to energy independence given the abundance of oil, natural gas and coal trapped under our feet. But it never happened. Instead, he talked vaguely about “environmental justice” and “weatherizing” our homes. Neither will fuel our economy, reduce inflation or keep a brutal dictator at bay.

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I waited for President Biden to show he really understands what it’s like for working Americans who are seeing skyrocketing inflation…where more and more of their take home pay evaporates at the gas station and grocery store as a direct result of policies that he’s put in place. I was listening for an admission that his way wasn’t working and possible course corrections. But all we got was lip service.

And I waited for the President to show some empathy for tired and frustrated parents who have spent the last two years fighting rogue school boards, hostile teachers’ unions and out-of-touch politicians who put their ideological wants ahead of the educational needs of our children.

I heard him vaguely tell the American people that he supports funding the police and securing our borders. But his policies helped to create America’s crime crisis and our border crisis. He’s a year late and at odds with many in his party on these issues; his reversal on these critical issues, if sincere, will be a welcome change. I’ll be watching the President closely to see if he continues advocating for policy changes and action on these critically important issues once the bright lights of the State of the Union fade.

Bottom line – President Biden’s policies have so far created one crisis after another. Tonight, I was hoping to hear more specifics and solutions that would work…but I was disappointed.

Bill Johnson is Republican who represents Ohio’s 6th Congressional District, which covers Lawrence County.