EDITORIAL: Prosecution did well to prioritize victims

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 19, 2022

With his guilty plea on Wednesday, the disturbing Richard Slack case has been brought to a close, with sentencing awaiting.

Slack, a former funeral home owner and one-time trusted member of the community, was charged with invading the privacy of others, including adults and minors, by filming and videotaping them for sexual gratification.

The extent of other possible crimes by Slack are still unknown, as prosecutors have said there could be more victims who may not have come forward.

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Lawrence County Prosecutor Brigham Anderson is recommending a sentence of 16-20 years in prison for Slack, who is 69 years old, which would be akin to a life sentence.

Thankfully, with this plea of guilt to 21 counts, the victims in the case are now spared the further stress of having to partake in a long trial, something Anderson had sought to avoid.

The prosecutor spoke with victims in the case and found them satisfied with the plea and recommended sentencing.

It is fortunate such considerations were made and that Anderson made this a priority in his prosecution and getting to this plea.

With justice successfully pursued in this case, we hope it can bring some peace to the victims and they continue to receive all the support they need.