Letter to the editor: Criticism over credit for exhibit was unwarranted

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 20, 2022

On Saturday, April 16, Butch Huff submitted a letter to the editor regarding Mrs. Nicole Cox’s efforts regarding a memorial for veterans at the Lawrence County Museum.

He said, “While kudos to Ms. Cox are certainly well deserved, credit must also be given to Ms. Patti Rice.”

We should note that I am a docent of the museum and there are no docents or volunteers by that name, let alone who contributed to the memorial exhibit that Mrs. Cox spent weeks of her own personal time, money, and research on.

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It’s great that others have done research, but credit should not go to someone who had nothing to do with the work or the museum.

Mrs. Nicole Cox and other members of the museum, such as Mrs. Kay Rader and Mrs. Sue Lunsford should receive the credit for the exhibit since they put it together and worked the showing off it during the museums grand opening.

We should also note that Mrs. Cox is the one who found the purple heart that belonged to Dean Gilfillan, and it was her idea to open the exhibit.

Alyssa Ratliff
Hanging Rock