Ironton police investigating scams

Published 4:54 pm Wednesday, May 4, 2022

The Ironton Police Department is investigating three major cases of fraud, theft and scam crimes that have happened in the city in the past couple of weeks.

IPD Chief Pam Wagner said that in one case a stolen credit card was used to make large purchases outside the state and around the Tri-State.

“In the second one, one of our local businesses had their checks stolen and those were cashed outside the state,” she said.

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“The last one, our victim was instructed to send $20,000 cash through the mail,” Wagner said. “The United States Postal Service intercepted that and contacted our victim. The victim then came in and filed a report. He also states he was instructed to get credit cards and debit cards and to do wire transfers with those cards.”

Wagner said they aren’t sure yet as why the elderly man was supposed to send the money.

“I’m not really sure what he thought,” she said. “The postal service is returning that money to him.” Wagner said they have been able to retrieve some of the stolen funds in these three cases and that “if all of it had gone through, it would have been close to $100,000.”

Wagner reminded everyone to check out who they are sending money to, whether it is someone claiming to be family, a charitable donation or a government agency.

“If someone claims they are from the IRS or you need to send money to keep your Social Security card active, don’t trust them. Government agencies don’t call you, they send letters to notify you,” Wagner said. “If you have any questions, call us. If you have someone asking you to wire transfer money, make sure you know them and what it is going for. Keep your personal information very secure.”

If anyone has any information on these cases or you suspect that you are a victim of a similar crime, you can contact the IPD Detective Bureau at 740-532-5606.