Symmes Valley High School hosts Asian Studies Day (WITH VIDEO)

Published 10:22 am Saturday, May 21, 2022

WILLOW WOOD — Symmes Valley High School students got an international education with an event on Tuesday.

The school hosted Asian Studies Day, organized by Ruth Hopkins, a math teacher at the school, and Miho Egnor, its Spanish instructor.

Hopkins said she and Egnor took a class themed around shattering myths about Asia and, upon completing it, received a small grant for educational purposes.

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For Tuesday’s event, which began at the start of the school day, Hopkins said they invited Marshall University faculty to come and take part, as well as two women whose husbands work for Japanese companies operating in the United States.

The event began with a tea ceremony, through which the students maintained a respectful silence.

The day included sessions on calligraphy, tangrams, origami and sushi.

Hopkins said the students were receptive to what they were shown and the event went well.

“And we really wanted to share what we learned with the students,” she said.