OHSAA releases fall schedule for practice, playoffs

Published 1:58 am Friday, July 15, 2022

COLUMBUS – Fall sports practices officially begin on Monday, August 1 for member schools of the Ohio High School Athletic Association, including 712 schools that will compete in 11-man football. Football scrimmage dates are August 5-13 and the regular season begins the week of August 15. The first Friday night is August 19.
2022 OHSAA Football Calendar
July 18-31 Five-Day Acclimatization Period Can Be Completed
August 1 First Day of Practice
August 5-13 Scrimmage Dates
August 1 Regular-Season Begins (First Friday is August 19)
Sept. 6 First Weekly Associated Press State Polls (after week 3)
Sept. 13 First Weekly Computer Points Released (after week 4)
Oct. 22 Regular-Season Ends
Oct. 23 Final Computer Points and Playoff Qualifiers Announced (top 16 schools in each region)
Oct. 28 First Round Playoff Games – Higher Seeded Team Hosts
Nov. 4 Regional Quarterfinals – Higher Seeded Team Hosts
Nov. 11-12 Regional Semifinals – at Neutral Sites (Div. I, II, III, V on Friday; Div. IV, VI and VII on Saturday)
Nov. 18-19 Regional Finals – at Neutral Sites (Div. I, II, III, V on Friday; Div. IV, VI and VII on Saturday)
Nov. 24 Thanksgiving
Nov. 25-26 State Semifinals – at Neutral Sites (Div. I, II, III, V on Friday; Div. IV, VI and VII on Saturday)
Dec. 1-3 State Championships in Canton at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium
The sport of football includes a five-day acclimatization period for all student-athletes. In the past, that five-day period began on the first day of practice. New this year, the five-day period may be completed beginning July 18, although attendance cannot be mandatory until official practice begins August 1. Football players who complete acclimation in July may then participate in full contact on August 1.
All players joining the team for the first time at any point during the season after the first day of mandatory practice must participate in a five-day acclimatization period prior to any contact drills.
During practices within the acclimatization period, players may wear helmets only on the first two days. On days three and four, helmets and shoulder pads are allowed. From day five onward, full pads are allowed. Full contact is not permitted until the acclimatization period is completed. During these acclimation days, athletes may engage in conditioning, speed, strength, agility drills and may use large pads for drills and walk-through practices.
A modification to the OHSAA’s inclement weather policy went into effect in 2019, which states, “At night under certain atmospheric conditions, lighting flashes may be seen from distant storms. In these cases, it may be safe to continue an event if no thunder can be heard and the flashes are low on the horizon.” Otherwise, if thunder is heard or lightning is seen, outdoor activities shall be suspended for 30 minutes and all personnel, athletes and spectators shall evacuate to available safe structures or shelters. The full policy is posted at: https://www.ohsaa.org/sports/inclementweatherpolicy
The OHSAA has many resources and guidelines for schools to take precautions in extreme heat. In addition, the OHSAA reminds student-athletes and coaches to follow the proper medical regulations when there is any chance a concussion may have occurred. Those regulations and other helpful tools are posted at: https://www.ohsaa.org/sportssafety

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