Rock Hill schools to have single bus route

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 31, 2022

The Rock Hill Local School District announced on Tuesday that it will be transitioning from a dual bus route to a single bus route each day for the upcoming school year.

Superintendent David Hopper said the move was primarily due to increased fuel prices.

“With our bus fleet driving approximately 1,900 miles per day within the school district, the projected increased cost of fuel would add upwards of approximately a quarter million dollars spent out of our budget on top of what we already pay for fuel yearly,” a statement sent to parents from Hoppper read. “Also, with parts, tires, etc…. becoming more difficult to acquire because of the pandemic, moving to a single route would decrease wear and tear on our school bus fleet daily.”

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Hopper said he understood there will be very mixed reactions among the community.

“This move may help many parents in their current circumstances, but I am sure it will also cause inconvenience to others,” he said. “One aspect this creates is older siblings will be getting off the bus with the younger ones. We also anticipate there will be additional benefits to families if we have delays or early dismissals.”

Hopper addresses concerns of young students being on the bus with older students.

“Our drivers, administration and staff are confident that all students will be kept safe,” he said. “Students will be assigned seats according to their age with younger students in the front and older students at the back of the bus. We are exploring options of involving older responsible students who display necessary characteristics to assist in helping younger students with this transition.”

Hopper said the high school and middle schools will keep the same schedule as past years (7:40 a.m. – 2:40 p.m.). The elementary school will be moving to the same schedule. Further details will be communicated by building principals, and information regarding bus routes and approximate pick-up times will be communicated soon.