Sprague receives award from teachers association

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 8, 2022

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences presented Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague with its Friend of Family Award on Tuesday.

Through the award, the association recognizes an individual or organization for their involvement “in making decisions that affect the well-being of families and work that has made a significant contribution to policy areas affecting the family.” Specifically, Treasurer Sprague’s work in the financial literacy space was cited as making a positive impact on young Ohioans and their families.

“Innovative and holistic financial education can shape a student’s life and help them reach their fullest potential,” said Sprague. “The Treasurer’s office is proud to work with educators and organizations across Ohio to ensure our young people understand personal finance and the tools to make wise decisions throughout their lives. I’m grateful to receive this honor from the Ohio Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences, and our office remains committed to recognizing and advancing sound financial education efforts across Ohio.”

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Sprague earned the award for overseeing his office’s collaboration with The Ohio State University Extension to expand the use of the university’s Real Money. Real World. financial literacy curriculum in school districts across Ohio.

Real Money. Real World. is a financial literacy program developed by OSU Extension designed for youth ages 12-18 that emphasizes experiential learning. The curriculum includes an interactive spending simulation that provides participants the opportunity to make lifestyle and budget choices similar to those they will make as adults. The program increases participant awareness to real-life scenarios such as what it costs to maintain a household, what it costs to care for a child, and the level of education required for the job they desire.

More information on the Real Money. Real World. curriculum can be found online at https://realmoneyrealworld.osu.edu/virtual-program.

The Ohio Association Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences is a division of the Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education (Ohio ACTE).