EDITORIAL: Keeping history for all

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 14, 2022

On Aug 27, Union Baptist Church in Blackfork, in northern Lawrence County, will be celebrating a special day.

The church will be dedicating a historic marker from the state, documenting the church’s history, its ties to the Poke Patch settlement of those who escaped slavery in the 1800s and its connection to the Underground Railroad.

The oldest active Black church in the state, Union Baptist has served its community for more than two centuries and, as its many members from around the country show through their continued support, offered a sense of home, in addition to a place of worship.

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We suggest that anyone who has an interest in local history attend the event, as the church is important, not just to Blackfork, but the county and state.

We commend members Sonia Booker and Lucretia Scalia for their work in getting the marker and are glad that efforts are made to preserve this history for future generations.