Girl Scouts hold Back-to-Troop Roller Rink Bash (WITH GALLERY)

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 14, 2022

ASHLAND, KENTUCKY — Over the years, it has become evident that the Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road has changed many lives through fellowship and care of its aspiring scouts.

On July 28, the area’s local Girl Scout shop held a Back-to-Troop Roller Rink Bash at the Garden Roller Rink in Ashland, Kentucky. Families and girls preparing for kindergarten to recent high school graduates attended, with more than 90 in attendance.

Pizza from nearby Zanzi’s, games, candy, a photo booth and a drawing wall for self-portraits were all offered to those in attendance. The event was free to attend for all registered Girl Scouts as well as those who were preparing to join in the coming year.

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“For the girls, I feel that it was so impactful,” Torie Vencill, Ashland Membership and Program Specialist, said. “Seeing other Girl Scouts gets them excited, particularly the young girls seeing older girls. Seeing the other girls’ success and hard work on their uniform encourages them, or in this case seeing a girl tumble and get back on their feet while learning to skate encourages them also. We are such a diverse organization that when a girl is part of a small troop these events are important, so they see the big picture. Being unable to be together during COVID really hindered that. Staff, leaders and volunteers within the organization love seeing the girls happy — their excitement is contagious!”

“It was fascinating,” Stephanie Colley, Ashland Shop Manager, said. “Having that many girls and their families in one place, skating with girls they do not normally see or interact with, is fantastic and encourages the development of relationships as well as our troops. After the few years of not getting to have any big events for Girl Scouts, this was a kick start to a new year in Ken-O Valley. It showed everyone that Girl Scouts is still in the area and going strong.”

The storefront, located in the Ashland Town Center Mall, serves as a hub for local Girls and troops. Programs, activities and troop meetings are held throughout the month at the Experience Center, along with providing a collaborative space for leaders and volunteers.

Most recently, the Ashland shop had a “Paint Your World Purple” program, which utilized various games and prizes as a means of encouraging Girl Scouts to speak up, ask questions, work hard and enjoy their company.

Overall, Vencill and Colley were pleased with the event’s outcome and hope that it helps Girl Scouts to understand that they have peers throughout the Ken-O-Valley Cluster.

“This event served as a family-friendly fun event; a sort of team-building event among girls,” Vencill said. “It is a glimpse of what we hope to see more of this school year.”

“This event brings the girls together and shows them they are not alone in this journey, and they have sisters in Girl Scouts all over the area, not just in their troop or school. They have them in different counties and states.”

The next event at the Experience Center will be Mermaids and Dinglehoppers on at 5:30 p.m. on Aug. 22.

With so many badges and programs, if an Under the Sea Adventure does not excite your girl, make plans to attend another event or a troop formation night. Fall programs include Design a Way Out, Ooey Gooey Science, Senses are Scary and Girl Scouts Give Back.

Events and programs typically take place at the mall, in the Experience Center, next door to JCPenney’s. Troops are forming right now across Boyd and Greenup counties in Kentucky and Lawrence County. Stop by the store for more information or call 1-800-475-2621.