YouTuber vs. police MMA fight called off

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 24, 2022

DeCastro cites bad knees, high blood pressure, also van stolen

In a move that surprised very few, YouTuber Chille DeCastro says he can’t fight Ironton Police Officer Chad Gue, citing high blood pressure and bad knees. Oh, and his van was stolen, too.

The news came Thursday evening when DeCastro, broadcasting live from Denver, Colorado on his YouTube channel, Delete Lawz, gave everyone the news that it was “99 percent likely to not happen.”

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He said he went to the doctor on Wednesday to get a physical for the MMA match that was to take place on Sept. 24 in Ashland, Kentucky.

“I did not pass my physical,” DeCastro said. “My blood pressure was 179 and my left knee is pretty banged-up. I’ve been keeping it a secret because you don’t want your opponent to know what part of your body is injured.”

He said he was going back to the doctor on Friday to see if his blood pressure had gone down to an acceptable level “but the doctor will not clear me to fight with my blood pressure at 180.”

He said he asked the doctor if his knee was too banged up to fight and he said the doctor replied that he wouldn’t be able to fight in four or five weeks.

DeCastro said the doctor said he could prescribe some medication and give him a cortisone shot but he wouldn’t be able to “’train through the pain,’ because I have been in some pretty severe pain.”

DeCastro said he had moved to Denver to train for six weeks and had trained “like an absolute wild animal,” but he “simply can’t fight with my knee being this mangled.”

He said his knee doesn’t have structural damage, but “massive inflammation in between the knee joint.”

Switching subjects, DeCastro said his van was stolen on Aug. 16 from in front of the place he was renting.

“I can’t get around now, I’m stuck here in this Airbnb which I had rented until Sept. 22, when I had plans to go to Ashland, Kentucky,” he said.

He showed where he filed a police and auto theft report and that he hoped that the van was recovered.

Gue, who has a YouTube channel called Leaducator, said he was disappointed that the fight had been called off, “but here’s the thing. I will never speak down on someone if they are having true health issues. That is not my style. If his blood pressure is extremely high, that is something he has to deal with and get under control.”

He refused to speak ill of DeCastro, saying that he didn’t want karma to hunt him down for saying something bad that might be untrue.

Gue said that he was disappointed because he had worked really, really hard in his training.

“It was an extremely emotional time when I found out, because I have sacrificed so much for this fight. I worked really hard on a lot of medical and personal issues and made other sacrifices to find out this fight isn’t going to happen,” he said. “But, if his health is in jeopardy, I can understand not showing up.”

Gue said he believed that Nightmare Productions, the Ashland promotion company which was going to put on the fight was still going to do something on Sept. 24.

“They are going to work with us and do something positive,” he said. “I will still be there and they will present me with the winning belt. The plan is to auction off the belt off for St. Jude’s charity. That is my intention anyway.”

And when asked if he would fight DeCastro at a later date, if his health was better, Gue said he would.

“I will fight him anytime, anywhere, any place as long as it is legal,” Gue said