EDITORIAL: Plenty of options for fall

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Labor Day has come and gone and, though there’s still a few weeks to go, the fall season is pretty much here.

But the end of summer does not mean that you and your family have to start spending weekends at home or indoors. As the front page of today’s paper shows, there is a plethora of events and activities planned for fall.

From this weekend’s Ohio River Revival to the historic cemetery walk to the Spring on Vernon vendor fair, there is something for everyone.

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And none of these would go off without the hard work of organizers and volunteers who have all shown that, when people come together, it is possible to create something for their community.

While many of these events are long-running staples, others, like Grovefest and the Ironton River Run are recent additions and demonstrate that there is always room for more.

And whether it is promoting the arts through concerts, or raising funds for community projects through the River Run, all of these events give back in some way and help make the Tri-State a draw for both locals and visitors.

We encourage you to check them out and hope you will have a good time.