Sheriff pays visit to SV fourth graders

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 25, 2022

Students had sent ‘Thank You’ letters

WILLOW WOOD — The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office paid a visit to Symmes Valley Elementary School on Monday, stopping by the fourth grade class.

Jessi Newman’s ELA students wrote letters to the sheriff and the deputies, principal Brandon Walker said.

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Sheriff Jeff Lawless and deputies Wilson and Pizelli came to say thank you to students, as well as bring them goodie bags and response letters.

Newman said this came at the time of the school year when the class reaches the section covering letter writing,

“I select a group within the community for our fourth graders to write friendly letters to,” she said. “I feel that it is important to not only teach the students the contents of the curriculum, but also to help in teaching them to be good people. With all the negativity in the news nowadays regarding law enforcement, I felt that this was a great opportunity to teach students the positive roles that LEO have within our community.”

She said students were given the name of an employee of the LCSO and were asked to write a letter to their given person.

“Students were encouraged to write words of thanks and were also given the opportunity to ask any questions they felt were relevant to their jobs,” Newman said. “The students really loved getting to hear about the jobs they do and getting to write these letters to them.”