LaRose announces results of county election audits

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 29, 2022

Says accuracy rate for November 2022 was 99.9 percent

COLUMBUS – Ohio’s county boards of elections have finalized their post-election audit of the November 2022 general election and the results show a 99.9 percent accuracy rate, Ohio Secretary of State Frank Larose said last week.

Upon taking office, LaRose directed all county boards of elections to conduct a post-election audit after each and every election.

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“Doing so ensures our elections are secure, boosts voter confidence in the results, and holds each board accountable for the integrity and accuracy of the election results,” LaRose’s office said in a news release.

“Accessibility, security, and accuracy are the crucial elements of maintaining the confidence that voters should have in their elections, and in Ohio we have all three,” LaRose said. “Because of our dedicated bipartisan election officials, Ohio is devoid of the drama and controversy we see in other states. Another important reason Ohioans know that they can trust our elections is because every election is audited by bipartisan teams of election professionals in our county boards, and the results prove definitively that our elections are run openly, accurately and honestly. As we wind down 2022, I am grateful for the hard work and dedication of thousands of Ohioans who run our elections and for the exemplary service they provide to Ohio voters and taxpayers.”

A post-election audit is a comprehensive review of the results of one or more contests in an election to ensure that the results reported by the board of elections are accurate.

In auditing the November 2022 election, Ohio boards used percentage-based audits to determine the accuracy of the results.

If an automatic countywide recount was required, the results of the recount serve as the post-election audit.

The November 2022 election resulted in a number of extremely close votes, and eight races resulted in either a tie or were decided by two votes or fewer, proving once again that every vote matters, LaRose’s office said.