Commission hosts brief meeting

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 23, 2023

The Lawrence County Commission hosted a brief meeting on Tuesday, dealing mostly with routine business.

The only item not on the agenda was when Commissioner Mike Finley put forward the idea of getting bids on a four-wheel drive truck for use by Cory Watson, who does IT and maintenance for the county.

Finley said this is necessary, as Watson’s work requires him to go to many remote locations.

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Commissioners Colton Copley and DeAnna Holliday agreed to looking for a vehicle under $50,000.

“We can get something used, that still has life in it,” Finley said.

In other business, the commission:

• Approved the minutes of the Jan. 9 meeting.

• Approved the following floodplain permits submitted by the Soil and Water Conservation District:

New: None; Renewal: 2023-704-Chesapeake Little League -Camper being used as a movable concession stand project located at 624 Co. Rd. 31, 2023-705 James F. Thompson-Filling & grading and Stream maintenance projects located at 207 Twp. Rd. 212S, 2023-706 Tom Schneider-Filling & grading, stream maintenance and subsurface drainage projects located at 488 Co. Rd. 61 and Twp. Rd. 114S, 2023-707 Patricia Ann Tackett-Culvert, Removal of trees, stumps and blocks and Manufactured home projects located at 38 Pvt. Dr. 50, 2023-708 John Stock-Accessory structure located on Twp. Rd. 1365, 2023-709 Jerome Monnig-Stream maintenance and bank stabilization projects located at 6772 St. Rt. 650, 2023-710 Riley Development Company, Inc.-Filling & grading and Materials storage projects located SW of 142 Co. Rd. 403, 2023-711 Riley Development Company, Inc.-Materials storage project located N of 142 Co. Rd. 403, 2023-712 Hecla Water Association, Inc.-Structure expansion, equipment improvements and installation of yard piping projects located at 13170 St. Rt. 7, 2023-713 Merrill Humphreys-Stream maintenance/bank stabilization projects located at 4766 Co. Rd. 6, 2023-714 Merrill Humphreys -Stream maintenance/bank stabilization projects located at 2473 Co. Rd. 6, 2023-715 Merrill Humphreys-Stream maintenance project located at 897 Co. Rd. 54

• Approved the appropriations and transfers under $50,000.00 dated Jan. 17, submitted by Katrina Keith, county administrator.

• Receive and file the EMS monthly report dated December 2022. 

• Approved and signed the 2023 General Services agreement with Stantec.

• Approved the resolution authorizing the submission of the Lawrence County FY2022 Community Development Block Grant Critical Infrastructure Program Grant: Coal Grove Waterline Interconnect with City of Ironton, Ironton Sanitary Sewer/Lift Station and Storm Sewer Upgrades.

• Received and filed the ORC 303.11, 303.12, and 519.12 each township is required to file all zoning regulations with the Lawrence County Recorder’s Office.

• Met in executive session with Katrina Keith and Corey Watson regarding real estate.

• Met in executive session with Katrina Keith, Jamie Murphy and Missy Evans to discuss personnel; hire, fire and/or reprimand.