Letter to the editor: Break in and theft at church show the evils of the world

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 2, 2023

Nothing is sacred.

It seems as if the world is getting worse with each passing day.

And when you think you’ve heard it all, something new comes up that makes the previous day’s news seem pale.

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Violence, hate, killing, war, drugs….. it goes on and on.

In a somewhat peaceful small town such as Ironton, you might think you are safe and shielded from all this chaos.

But then something happens to bring the evil of the world here into our homes, and worse, into our church, the house of the Lord.

Sometime around Jan. 13 or 14, out here at the St. Mary’s Catholic Church of Pine Grove, the evil of the world struck.

Someone broke into the auditorium behind the church and stole weed eaters, leaf blower and gas cans, ripped the batteries out of the lawn care zero turn riding mowers, siphoned the gas out of them, stole the oil, damaged the building and even worse – stole the LED solar lights illuminating the Cross of Jesus and the Virgin Mary statue.

Also stolen were lights illuminating the walkway for the folks visiting the church after dark to be able to walk safely.

All of these tools and lights are items purchased thru church offerings and patron donations. Tools used by church volunteers to maintain our blessed church and sacred cemetery grounds.

For a person to lower oneself to this level, it goes beyond belief.

How does a person think they can profit from something like this?

They can not, no matter how you figure.

The equipment and damages will be replaced and repaired, but the world and its thinking must change.

Working together for the good, and weeding out the bad is the answer.

Tom Fuller