OUS student pursues degree, citizenship

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 3, 2023

Llanos immigrated from Columbia at the age of  8

IRONTON – Carolina Llanos’ passion for helping people through the medical field led her to pursue not only Ohio University Southern’s nursing program, but also her U.S. citizenship.

Llanos recently became a U.S. citizen after immigrating from Colombia, South America when she was eight years old.

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Her family relocated here when her mother married her high school sweetheart, whom she met when she was an exchange student in the United States. Llanos’ new citizenship will make it easier to travel the world and experience other cultures. Her love of travel also fosters one of her career goals: becoming a traveling nurse.

“The nursing profession is a broad field with endless career options,” Llanos said. “I can change my specialty whenever I want, I can work anywhere I move to, and I can also do travel nursing and get to see different places and work at the same time. I don’t have to be tied down to one job/specialty like many other professions do.”

After completely an Associate of Arts degree at Ohio State University, Llanos decided to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at OUS.

“I…heard that OUS has a great nursing program and it was also close to my house so I could live with my parents and save money,” Llanos said.

She also enjoys the small class sizes at OUS, which provide the opportunity to interact with classmates and professors. In particular, Llanos notes that the professors are supportive, caring, and helpful in making her feel like she has the knowledge and information needed to be successful.

“My favorite professors are Dana Scott and Maranda Clement,” Llanos said. “They were always available to meet with me when I had any questions or didn’t understand something. They made me feel like I was important and that they cared about my learning/success.”

Associate professor of nursing Dana Scott is proud of Llanos’ accomplishment in attaining her citizenship while earning a nursing degree.

“Carolina’s perseverance in achieving her citizenship while continuing to pursue her goal of receiving her bachelor’s degree in nursing is to be commended,” Scott said. “Her genuine empathy for people and a desire to help others will make her an asset in the nursing profession.”

With just a few months left until she plans to graduate with her BSN degree, Llanos is excited at the opportunity her future holds.

“As for my career, I hope to get a good job as a nurse and become the most competent nurse I can be,” Llanos said. “Maybe at some point, I’ll do travel nursing and get to see different parts of the country. I hope to make a difference in everyone’s lives and do my part in helping other people when they are sick/ill.”