EDITORIAL: Working together in crisis

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 4, 2023

Following the train derailment in East Palestine, there has been a lot of finger pointing, partisan bickering and blaming going on, but resident there are in need of solutions.

We have been impressed with many in Ohio’s delegation to Congress, who have been on the scene and meeting with residents to ensure their concerns are addressed, as far as housing, testing and other necessities.

But preventive measures are also needed to see to it that a repeat of the crisis does not occur.

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U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, has been especially strong on this matter. He hosted a conference call on Wednesday to discuss new railroad safety legislation that he has introduced, along with his junior senator, Republican JD Vance.

The landmark bill is being hailed by labor as one of the biggest changes to the industry in a generation.

In discussing his work with Vance, who is about as far on the political spectrum from Brown as they come, the senator said he hopes to continue the tradition of Ohio bipartisanship that he established with Vance’s Republican predecessor, Rob Portman, and come together to get things done on subject where they agree.

This legislation is much needed and we hope that such a constructive collaboration between the state’s two senators continues and can serve as an example to other members of Congress.

The needs of the residents of East Palestine are great, and the cause of safety for communities is an important one and we are pleased the senators can set aside their differences on this matter.