EDITORIAL: Planting seeds for tomorrow

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Students in the county got a chance to see their local community leaders last week.

On Tuesday, Dawson-Bryant Elementary hosted more than 30 guest readers, who helped celebrate Read Across America Week, while, on Friday, South Point Elementary hosted a Career Day, with speakers telling children about their jobs.

Guests for these events ranged from local officials to business leaders to educators.

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And a special commendation is due to Lawrence County Common Pleas Judge Christen Finley, who attended both events.

Not only do these activities give children a chance to get to know the county around them, but they can also provide them with local role models to look up to.

It is quite possible that an impression was made on a future doctor, political leader or teacher last week and the seeds of a career were planted from what they saw.

We thank all who took part and are glad to see such involvement with the education systems here.