South Point to install water meters

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 13, 2023

New water well to be drilled by summer

SOUTH POINT — The village council voted on Tuesday to begin the process of installing water meters in the village of South Point.

While the municipality has resisted such a move for decades, it was forced to do so after receiving a notice from the Ohio Department of Environmental Protection last year that they were in violation and needed to curb water usage.

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The council voted 5-1 on the move, with council member Marlene Arthur opposed.

Mayor Jeff Gaskin said the EPA has required that the meters be in place by July 2024. 

The installation of the meters, which will bring the village into compliance with the EPA, will cost $800,000 for 800 meters. 

The street department estimates they can install two to three meters a day.

Water meters have been in use the past few years for some South Point water customers who live outside the village limits.

The council heard from engineer Kevin Wood on Tuesday, who updated them about multiple projects in the village.

One of those was the need to drill a new water well, after the village was forced to close one of its wells earlier this year.

Gaskin said a new well is needed before the summer months, when water usage rises and the remaining wells could not handle the demand.

“If not, we will be forced to curtail usage,” he said.

The village has applied for a grant from the EPA, which Woods said they have been told they are “highly likely” to receive for the $594,000 project. 

They decided to begin the process by first creating a test well, which will be drilled in the area behind Giovanni’s. Water would then be tested for quality and quantity.

Gaskin said the village tests its water locally each day and it is tested twice a week by an independent lab for contaminants.

He said the completed well could be ready by summer.

In other business, Gaskin requested that police chief Chris Mahjer begin issuing warnings for the use of two-wheeled vehicles and golf carts within the village.

He said he has received many complaints about underage drivers and operators not wearing helmets.

The mayor reminded residents that such vehicles “follow the same rules as cars” and require licenses and insurance.