Zach Schiller: Flat tax in House Bill 1 is unfair proposal

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The (Policy Matters Ohio) Legislative Service Commission analysis should convince legislators to pronounce House Bill 1 dead on arrival. We’ve already found that the flat tax in HB 1 would be a handout to the richest Ohioans. The trifecta of bad policy made clear from LSC’s analysis should confirm the need to junk the bill.

While bill sponsor Rep. Adam Matthews is expected to make changes, the flat tax at the heart of the bill provides Ohio’s wealthiest with thousands of dollars in tax cuts apiece.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of Ohioans will see some combination of diminished public services and other tax increases to pay for this. Legislators should listen closely when the LSC provides additional explanation of its findings at a hearing of the House Ways & Means Committee next week.

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Zach Schiller is the research director for Policy Matters Ohio.