King’s Daughters first to offer Aveir pacemaker

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 24, 2023

ASHLAND, Ky. – ASHLAND, Ky. – King’s Daughters Medical Center is pleased to now offer Abbott’s new Aveir VR leadless pacemaker – the world’s only leadless pacemaker designed to be retrieved. The device received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval in March 2022. 

Pacemakers are commonly used to treat slow heart rate, or bradycardia; to prevent or treat irregular heart rhythms; and to regulate rapid heart rates (tachycardia). Cardiac electrophysiologist Basel Edris, M.D., performed the first Aveir implant procedure at KDMC on Tuesday, March 7. 

“The Aveir leadless pacemaker offers many benefits for patients,” Edris said. “The device is implanted in the lower right chamber of the heart, meaning that leads are not required for the device to work. This eliminates several potential complications associated with leads, including displacement and erosion.” 

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Further, he said, the Aveir device can be retrieved for battery replacement, if the device needs to be changed, or if the recommended therapy changes, he noted. 

“The Aveir device has an impressive battery life,” Edris said, “which is up to two times longer than other leadless options.” 

The Aveir leadless pacemaker measures just 38 millimeters – smaller than a AAA battery. 

“King’s Daughters continues to offer the most advanced technology and expertise to the people of our region,” said Kim Grooms, executive administrator of heart and vascular services. “The Aveir device is just one example of how we are bringing the latest knowledge, expertise, and technology to our communities.” 

For more information about the Aveir device at King’s Daughters, speak with your cardiologist or give us a call at 606-324-4745. Same-day appointments are available.