Commission on Fatherhood offering new resources for dads

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 29, 2023

COLUMBUS – Ohio Department of Job and Family Services director Matt Damschroder is encouraging Ohio dads to take advantage of the programs provided by the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood including two new programs, Fathering in 15 and Worldreader.

“OCF seeks to improve the well-being of Ohio’s children by helping fathers become better parents, partners, and providers,” said Damschroder. “Dads can use these resources to build and strengthen the relationships with their kids and, because they’re online, it can be done anywhere.”

Fathering in 15 is a free, online learning experience made just for dads and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device anytime. 

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Topics include “Handling Emotions,” “Being a Man and Dad,” “You and Mom,” “Child Discipline,” “Grief and Loss,” and “Managing Money.”

Worldreader is a free digital library made up of books and learning activities for children and families to read together online.

“The Ohio Commission on Fatherhood funds programs that educate and empower fathers,” said OCF executive director Kimberly Dent. “These programs are great examples, and our new website showcases many others.”

To learn more about the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood and its initiatives, visit 

For more information about how to access Fathering in 15, visit Fathering in 15  Online Program | Ohio Commission of Fatherhood. 

For more information about how to access Worldreader’s BookSmart application, visit Worldreader | Ohio Commission of Fatherhood.