EDITORIAL: Stay mindful on roads during construction

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 15, 2023

It seems the plague of orange cones is upon us for the foreseeable future.

From work on U.S. 52 to construction of the Ironton roundabouts, the necessary evil will be here for the summer, as traffic patterns change and crews work to improve roads in the area.

Probably the biggest impact is felt in Ironton, where the closure of the ramps for U.S. 52 from State Route 93 at The Hills shopping center will close off a direct route to downtown Ironton for the next three months.

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We would again like to advice motorists, particularly those from out of town who have not experienced them since their start this week, of these traffic changes, so they need to plan accordingly.

There are multiple alternate routes to downtown, including the Oakley C. Collins Memorial Bridge, which requires a drive on U.S. 23 in Kentucky; the Coal Grove interchange, though that could back up in busier hours, given its usual congestion and additional construction going on in the area; exiting U.S. 52 at the State Route 141 interchange, which requires a drive through residential area, so use caution; or using the Hanging Rock exit and entering town from the northern end.

While none of these may be ideal, there are at least several options for a person to find the best fit.

There has already been one accident in the area of the construction, so please be cautious and remain alert when traveling in that area, paying mind to any changes that may arise daily.

While it is aggravating for now, those involved with the project say the final result will lead to a smoother flow of traffic, something needed for that area, which has been the site of so much recent development.

Three months will go by faster than we think, so be patient and careful in the meantime.