Stephens praises tax cuts, school funding for Lawrence County

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 1, 2023

Both are part of Ohio House budget

COLUMBUS — Ohio House Speaker Jason Stephens, R-93,  announced that the Ohio House budget, approved on Wednesday, includes tax cuts, increased school funding and investments for the Connect4Ohio Fund.

“We’re delivering on middle class tax cuts that’s going to benefit many of our working families here in Lawrence County,” Stephens said. “We’re also taking care of our schools with many receiving increased funding. These initiatives are really going to make a difference for our people in Southern Ohio.” 

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The approved tax relief is for everyday Ohioans that flattens and reduces the state income tax from the bottom up to 2.75% for those making up to $92,000 a year.

Stephens also notes that under the House budget, the Connect4Ohio Fund will receive a $1 billion investment that will make it easier to connect Ohio workers through their commute to economic centers by improving infrastructure.

Additionally, Lawrence County schools are receiving either an increase or similar funding and will approximately receive the following funds over the next two years:

• Chesapeake Union Exempted Village Schools – $19.4 million

• Dawson-Bryant Local School District – $26.9 million

• Fairland Local School District – $17.2 million

• Ironton City School District – $26 million

• Rock Hill Local School District – $24.6 million

• South Point Local School District – $22.2 million

• Symmes Valley Local School District – $18.4 million.