EDITORIAL: A fix awaited by many

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 6, 2023

It is good to see after decades of neglect, Ironton paving miles of roads.

Most recently, Railroad Street, the staging ground for the participants in the annual Christmas parade, has had its numerous bumps and holes ground down and repaved. It joins into Second Street, the main route to Hanging Rock and the Ironton Elementary and Middle Schools, underwent a similar transformation. And the road in front of Ironton High School was repaved.

That’s just a couple of miles of the 46 blocks the city is repaving this summer.

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So, while no one enjoys going a couple of blocks out of their way to dodge orange cones and paving equipment, the roads are getting fixed in quick order.

So far, the city has invested $9.5 million in paving to fix something the residents of Ironton have long complained about.

And while the cost may be high, it is an investment every driver should be happy with.