Kevin Deitle and Martha Evans: Celebrate teachers this week

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 10, 2023

The teacher education department at Ohio University Southern would like to invite community members to join us in publicly thanking area educators for their commitment and dedication to students over the past year.

As part of Ohio University’s Patton College of Education, we are grateful for the experiences, expertise, and wisdom that professional educators share with our teacher candidates. On a daily, weekly and semesterly basis, our students benefit from the guidance, mentoring and advice that professional educators offer – in their classrooms, with their own students, everyday. Their willingness to help shape a new generation of educators gives our clinical students and interns the opportunity to share in the day-to-day challenges and successes of serving professionals. 

In schools throughout the convergence of Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia, our teacher candidates have assisted in those efforts as they work toward an education career. OUS students serve in classrooms and educational projects throughout Lawrence and Scioto counties in Ohio; within the Huntington, West Virginia, school system; and in schools across northeastern Kentucky. We hope our students will reach the same degree of devotion and commitment that they see in those visits to classrooms and schools. 

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We offer our heartfelt thanks to area teachers and administrators during this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7 to 13. We hope you will also join us in saying “thank you” to the people who tirelessly sculpt the future of our community and nation, through the daily education of youth. 

Drs. Kevin Deitle and Martha Evans are assitant professors of instruction at Ohio University Southern