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Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 1, 2023

Jean Mattis, the widow of David Brubaker, reacts on Sunday upon seeing the inscription, “For David” on the rear of South Point’s 1928 Model AA Ford fire truck. (The Ironton Tribune | Heath Harrison)

Restored SP fire truck unveiled to family before parade in Ironton

SOUTH POINT — The family who donated the village’s first fire truck back to South Point got to see the restoration of the vehicle in its full glory on Sunday.

The 1928 Ford Model AA fire truck, seen before its restoration and donation one year ago to the village of South Point. (Submitted photo)

Relatives of the late David Brubaker, a former South Point resident, were on hand at a garage at the village’s sewer plant, where Mayor Jeff Gaskin and village workers showed the 1928 Model AA Ford to them.

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The truck was in service in the village from 1928-1959, when it was sold to Brubaker, who planned on restoring it. Following Brubaker’s death in the early 1970s, the vehicle sat in storage in barn in Tipp City.

Last year, the family donated it back to South Point, on the condition that it be restored.

And, for the past year, under direction of Mike Jones and Mike Kelley, village workers brought the vehicle back to life to use as a show truck.

Sunday’s visit by the family came on the eve of the truck’s public debut in this year’s Ironton-Lawrence County Memorial Day Parade.
Brubaker’s widow, Jean Mattis, was moved when Gaskin showed her a painted inscription on the rear of the vehicle, reading “For David.”

“And that will always be there,” he told her.

For Monday’s parade, the truck was taken to Ironton on a trailer, to avoid putting it on the wet roads from the previous night, Lou Pyles, with the parade committee, said.

Pyles said the vehicle was a hit with the parade.

Gaskin, who rode in the truck with Kelley, Jones and fire chief Mark Goodall, also said that it proved popular with the crowd and that they received compliments and questions every time they stopped along the route.