Michael Reagan: Democrats will stop at nothing to stop Trump

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 19, 2023

The Democrats and the liberal media were back in Trump Heaven this week.

When Donald Trump was indicted on 37 charges related to the mishandling of classified documents, they couldn’t contain their joy or hide their biases.

When Trump pled not guilty and walked free, the hopes of the permanently “Deranged Ones” at CNN and MSNBC were once again dashed.

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They wanted to see Trump put in shackles and leg irons and thrown into a jail cell for the next several years.

During their saturation coverage of Trump, the unbalanced and unfair “journalists” and the openly partisan pundits of the liberal media forgot to remind their disappearing viewership that being indicted means you have been charged by the state with a crime, not that you have been found guilty and deserve to be immediately guillotined live on Rachel Maddow’s show.

But of course, such legal niceties as innocent-till-proven-guilty are irrelevant to the Deranged Ones.

For them, Trump has always been guilty of every charge they or Democrats can dream up, whether it’s sleeping with Vladimir Putin or trying to destroy American democracy.

The classified documents charges are just the latest example of how Trump is being unfairly singled out for prosecution by Democrats.

Lots of presidents have mishandled or held on to classified stuff after their time in office, whether by accident or on purpose. Even vice presidents like Mike Pence and Joe Biden have done it.

Trump is being indicted for one obvious political reason – to keep him from running for president in 2024.

Democrats are willing to use any means necessary to stop Trump.

That includes weaponizing the justice system, as they did with the Russia collusion hoax, or changing the rules in Congress, as they did in the Senate in 2013 when Democrats dropped the required votes to get their judges confirmed from 60 to a simple majority.

They were warned at the time that if you change the rules, it’ll come back and bite you – and it did in a big way.

Republicans and Trump were able to use the same simple-majority rule in the Senate to successfully appoint three conservative justices to the Supreme Court.

Democrats still don’t understand that Republicans will someday get their turn to use the same power tools they happily give to their Democrat presidents.

As I’ve said dozens of times, I don’t like Trump’s boorish style and his personality.

But only the deranged ones in Washington and the liberal media actually think he would ever deliberately do harm to America.

What Trump did wrong in keeping classified documents deserved a slap on the hand, at best.

If he had already served two terms, the classified documents “scandal” would have never occurred, a swat team would never have raided Mar-A-Lago and he would never have been charged with a petty crime.

By weaponizing the federal government to legally harass Trump for political purposes, Democrats have opened up the floodgates that will drown us all.

For the rest of our lives it’s going to be tit for dirty partisan tat in Washington. Republicans and Democrats will take turns siccing their FBIs and CIAs on each other.

For example, what if Trump or Ron DeSantis become president in 2024?

Will they order their justice departments or IRS to target Democrats? Will the Biden Crime Family be fully investigated by a Republican-led FBI? Don’t be surprised.

Yet no matter what happens in 2024, from now on the American people will suffer. Our presidential elections and our politics will get uglier, if that’s possible. We’ll look to the rest of the world like a Banana Republic.

Democrats have already started us down this dark road.

They hate Trump so much they are willing to abuse the powers of government, violate the rule of law and threaten the fabric and foundation of America.

In their rage to bring him down they are foolishly and tragically breaking the windows in my father’s shining city on a hill.

Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and author. Send comments to Reagan@caglecartoons.com.