Lawrence County All-Star team goes .500 at Buckeye Battleground

Published 10:13 pm Tuesday, July 4, 2023

The 2023 Lawrence County Girls All-Star basketball team posted a 2-2 record on Saturday at the Buckeye Classic Tournament. Team members were: from left to right, assistant coach Josh Ward, Emily Stoneroad, Chasity Cecil, Emma Scott, Abby Schug, Hannah Taylor, Myles Bailey, Erin Hicks, Abbey Isaacs, Hope Easterling, Chloe Long, head coach Eric Bailey and assistant coach Andy Long. (Photo Submitted)

By Jim Walker

WOOSTER — Maybe David didn’t slay Goliath this time, but he sure smacked him around.

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Heading into the annual Buckeye Battleground Shootout at Wooster College on Saturday, the Lawrence County Girls All-Star basketball team was listed as the underdog in every game they played.

The the group was unfazed by the skeptics and went 2-2 on the day.

This Lawrence County team was comprised of girls from several Lawrence County schools. The tournament featured a collection of Ohio county all-star teams and has been witnessed by as many as 50 college basketball coaches.

“They had kids from Division 1 schools. We don’t have a D1 school in our area. We’re playing against kids coming from D1 schools. We’re playing a way higher talent pool than anything we could put together in Lawrence County,” said Lawrence County head coach Eric Bailey.

“They played their hearts out. Most people didn’t give them a chance. I absolutely had a blast. Playing against the talent we played against, and the schools we played against, to travel up here four hours and stay the night and get up the next day and play four straight games and do as well as we did. I can’t tell you how happy I am and how excited I am and what an honor it was to coach them.

Bailey said the secret to this team was their unselfish attitude and how hard they played.

“With these kids, it wasn’t a me situation, it was a team situation. These girls all teamed together to bring out the best of what we could represent Lawrence County with,” said Bailey.

Two players were locked in on defense. Chesapeake’s Erin Hicks and Rock Hill’s Myles Bailey were playing hard and gave an intense defensive effort that inspired their teammates.

“The girls gave Erin Hicks and Myles Bailey a nickname. They called them the dogs,” said coach Bailey.

“We put them in the game to play defense and the girls told them, ’sic ‘em.’ Chloe Long who played at Sugar Creek Christian came off the court and said ‘I am absolutely terrified watching you two out there. It scares me the pressure you put on them.’”

The team was comprised of Chasity Cecil of Ironton, Hannah Taylor of Fairland, Abbey Isaacs and Hicks from Chesapeake, Long and Hope Easterling, Emma Scott, Emily Stoneroad, Abby Schug and Myles Bailey from Rock Hill.

All-Lawrence County Team

Chloe Long, Sugar Creek Academy Sr.

Hope Easterling, Rock Hill Sr.

Hannah Taylor, Fairland Sr.

Emma Scott, Rock Hill Sr.

Chasity Cecil, Ironton Sr.

Erin Hicks, Chesapeake Jr.

Abbey Isaacs, Chesapeake So.

Emily Stoneroad, Rock Hill So.

Abby Schug, Rock Hill Fr.

Myles Bailey, Rock Hill 8th

Head Coach: Eric Bailey

Assistant coaches: Josh Ward, Josh Bryant, Dave Schug, Andy Long