New 50/70 little league big benefit for players

Published 2:01 am Thursday, July 6, 2023

By Jim Walker

The Ironton Little League is really enjoying this newer model.

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The little league has a developed a new division known as 50/70 which was created for ages 11, 12 and 13.

The pitcher’s mound is 50 feet from home plate instead of 46-6 and the bases are 70 feet instead of 60. The division uses regular baseball rules.

David Bridges has coached the 50/70 age group for the past three years but they did not officially have an all-star team until this season.

“I love the 50/70 division. For one thing, it’s real baseball. They play and learn from now through high school. There’s leading off, pickoffs, balks, it’s just not on the bigger field. But it’s real baseball,” said Bridges.

The 50/70 division enables 13-year-olds to play with a group that is more suitable for their level of physical maturity.

“Thirteen-year-olds are still at the age where I think they should get one more year before they make the big jump to the bigger field. I feel like the kids have had a blast playing 50/70,” said Bridges.

“You get to see the home runs and everything like you are used to, but more importantly, you’re able to start teaching them how to hold runners on bases as well as teach them the proper way to lead off and everything that you would normally have to wait and teach when they make it to junior league. There are so many positives to us switching to 50/70 in my opinion.”