MJ Wixsom: The search is on for missing hawk

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 23, 2023

In the aftermath of a devastating storm that tore apart my newly-built mews (hawk cage), I find myself facing an emotional whirlwind as I grapple with the escape of my companion, Zulu, the Harris Hawk.

As a falconer, veterinarian and seeker of solace, our bond runs deep, and her absence weighs heavily on my heart.
Zulu, my captivating Harris Hawk, is a magnificent creature adorned with anklets, jesses and bells that enhance her majestic presence.

Her hunting prowess is unparalleled, as she fearlessly pursues rabbits, squirrels, mice and other small game with remarkable skill and cunning.

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However, during her current escapade, she may also be drawn to the allure of smaller birds such as doves or starlings.

Falconry, an age-old art and sport, has become more than just a hobby; it is my coping mechanism in the face of life’s relentless stressors.

Zulu’s companionship and our unique connection transcend the boundaries of species, offering me a sense of peace and understanding that words can scarcely express.

As the days pass without any sign of Zulu’s return, memories of our soaring adventures and harmonious hunts flood my mind, bringing both joy and sorrow.

The thought of her out there, away from her familiar mews and the bond we share, tugs at my heartstrings, leaving an ache that’s hard to bear.

With each sunrise, I renew my search for Zulu, traversing vast distances and calling her name, praying that our unyielding bond will guide her back to my side.

The outpouring of support from friends, neighbors, and fellow falconers reminds me that I am not alone in this quest, and for that, I am deeply grateful.

The uncertainty surrounding Zulu’s current whereabouts amplifies the challenges of my life as a veterinarian, adding an extra layer of complexity to my daily responsibilities.

Her absence serves as a constant reminder of the profound connection that falconry cultivates and the strength of the human-animal bond.

To anyone who may come across Zulu during their own journey, I implore you to approach her with care and to reach out to me immediately.

Zulu’s safety is paramount, and my heart longs for her swift and safe return.

As I navigate through this emotionally taxing ordeal, I am humbled and heartened by the unwavering support of those around me.

Your thoughts and encouragement are a beacon of hope, as I maintain an unwavering gaze on the skies, yearning for the moment when I will be reunited with my beloved Zulu.

Together, we will weather this storm, and with the guiding force of our enduring bond, I believe Zulu will find her way back to my side.

Until that day comes, my heart remains heavy, but I hold onto the hope that we will be soaring together again soon.

Note: If you have any information regarding Zulu’s whereabouts, please contact me at 606-928-6566 or GuardianAnimal@gmail.com

Your assistance is invaluable in bringing my precious companion back home.

MJ Wixsom, DVM MS is a best-selling Amazon author who practices at Guardian Animal Medical Center in Flatwoods, Ky. GuardianAnimal.com 606-928-6566.