Prince pays it forward by offering continuing ed courses

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 3, 2023

ASHLAND, Ky. — Chanel Prince has spent nine years behind a chair, working five days a week in a career that she is passionate about.

“The love of hair has run in my family for generations,” she said.

A master cosmetologist, Prince says something else she is passionate about is teaching.

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She says she wanted to find a way to teach that wouldn’t take time from the salon.

“Serving clients is what this is all about,” Prince said.

In June 2022, Prince started her journey as an educator for professional hairstylists. She teaches for The ManeCulture, a company based out of Oahu, Hawaii.

She teaches continuing education courses ranging from balayage, corrective color, upstyling, formulation glossing and toning, formulation for zones, and even courses on how to run a business.

“My goal with these classes is to bring education home to stylists in our area and those surrounding so they can benefit in their craft,” Prince said. “I want to build up the confidence of a stylist who may be a little ‘iffy’ on a certain area of our job and also unite hairstylists along the way to diminish the ‘dog eat dog’ stigma that’s tied with an industry that is so competition driven.

She added, “This industry is forever changing and it’s important to keep up so we are able to offer demanded skills to our clientele.”

Although the majority of Prince’s classes are local, they aren’t limited to just the area. Prince says she will traveling all over the United States to host salons that are offering her courses from time to time.

A resident of Grayson, Prince graduated from the cosmetology program at ACTC in 2014.

“If you’re thinking of going to ACTC’s cosmetology program, I will forever be an advocate in your corner and tell you ‘just do it’,” she said. “I wouldn’t be where I am today in my career had I not had the guidance and support of my instructors.”

She says the adage of ‘if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life’ is so true.

“You simply never know what someone is going through in their personal life, so having the opportunity to serve them and make them feel beautiful is something I’ll never take for granted,” Prince said. “It’s one of the main reasons I wanted to do this in the first place.”

For more information about Prince’s continuing education courses, visit @hairby_chanelprince on Instagram or Hair by Chanel Prince on Facebook.