Ohio House Republican Alliance announces more than $1.2M in contributions

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 7, 2023

COLUMBUS — The Ohio House Republican Alliance announced this week that it has received contributions exceeding $1.2 million for this reporting period, which the organization described as “a remarkable milestone showcasing the caucus’s unwavering strength.”

OHRA said the caucus has more than $1 million cash on hand, more than 22 times than this period in the last two cycles.

“The contributions received by OHRA reflect a deep commitment from its members and supporters to advance the Ohio Conservative Agenda,”.the organization said in a news release. “With these funds, OHRA is well-positioned to defend caucus members’ seats and ensure a bright future for all Ohioans.”

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“The strength of our caucus lies in unity,” Speaker of the House Jason Stephens, R-93, whose district includes Lawrence County, said. “This significant level of financial support demonstrates that our members and supporters are standing together, shoulder to shoulder, as we work towards creating a prosperous and thriving Ohio for all.”

These contributions will enable OHRA to continue its mission of promoting members and candidates who enhance economic development, education, and public safety while upholding the core conservative principles that guide the caucus.

“OHRA is off to a great start fundraising,” OHRA co-chair Phil Plummer added. “It will continue to work hard to defend our Conservative members.”

OHRA Co-chair Jeff LaRe also weighed in.

“The runway for success is now paved before us,” he said. “These contributions lay the foundation for our overall success and ensure that our state remains a beacon of opportunity.”

OHRA states its mission as “ the campaign organization dedicated to promoting Republican values, supporting conservative candidates, and advancing policies aligned with Republican principles.”