Letter to the editor: Issue 1 would remove all limits on abortion

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 27, 2023

We have all seen the ads in favor of Issue 1 stating that it is needed because women need to have access to abortions and miscarriage care. These are false claims that must be challenged.

The Ohio Revised code specifically distinguishes abortion from miscarriage (see Section 2919.11). Abortion involves a living human being; in a miscarriage, death has already occurred. Miscarriage care is NOT abortion. In his recent analysis of Issue 1 (available online at www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Ballot-Initiatives), Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost stated frankly that, “Ohio has no restrictions on miscarriage care.”

The fact is that Issue 1 has nothing to do with miscarriage care. Whether it passes or fails is completely irrelevant to this topic, contrary to the lies being spread.

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Next, let’s examine the claim that Issue 1 needs to pass because women need access to abortions. This is such a misleading claim. The fact is that abortion is available in Ohio and will continue to be available whether Issue 1 passes or not.

So what really would change if Issue 1 passes? In his analysis, the Ohio Attorney General shows voters what is at stake.

He writes, “All told, the Amendment’s new standard goes beyond pre-Dobbs law under Roe and Casey. That means that many Ohio laws would probably be invalidated — even those that were allowed under Roe and/or Casey.”

Among other things, Issue 1 would remove parental consent requirements for minors seeking abortion, repeal Ohio’s ban on partial-birth and dismemberment abortions, remove the limit on late-term abortion (currently set at 22 weeks), and end Ohio’s ban on taxpayer funding for abortion.

Issue 1 is truly radical. As the Attorney General explains, “The Amendment would give greater protection to abortion to be free from regulation than at any time in Ohio’s history…The Amendment would not return things to how they were before Dobbs overruled Roe, and is not just ‘restoring Roe.’ It goes further.”

Issue 1 is not about legalizing abortion – it’s about radicalizing abortion by taking away any regulations, limits, and protections for women, parents, and minors. Issue 1 is worse than Roe.

Joseph Schmidt