David Dunfee: Reflections from a local veteran

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 11, 2023

We are soldiers who have lived and died.

We have fought for our country with courage, honor and pride.

We gave our lives so our country will be free,

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on the land, in the air on the ocean and on the sea.

We did not sherk our duty when we heard the call.

We said good-bye to family, then got our gear,

Then we left together, one and all.

We had marched and crawled through mud.

We had marched and crawled through snow.

We had marched through deep water and rain.

We had marched through hard winds that did blow.

We each had our jobs to do.

Some drove trucks, some parachuted from the skies.

Some were mechanics, some fuel handlers who kept our trucks and planes going.

Some gave us our supplies.

When we could and had the chance, we prayed to God. Peace is what we sought.

God id answer some prayers, because some of us did not make it home and some of us did not.

So remember to pray for us soldiers who are still alive, and families of those who died.

They gave their lives to keep our country free with courage, honor and pride.

David Dunfee

Retired, U.S. Army

South Point

April 23, 2023