Letter to the editor: Cramblit deserves chance to continue city work

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 19, 2023

I write to offer an “outside perspective” to my fellow Irontonians as we near the runoff election for mayor.  

I moved from Ironton when I left for college at 18. At that time, Ironton had many thriving businesses, the schools were some of the best in the area and the population was larger. 

Over the years, I visited frequently, enjoying the time with family and friends. I also perceived the slow diminishment in the businesses, school quality and population. 

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Though I continued to live outside of Ironton, I am here frequently and have always held out hope for the improvement of my hometown. 

Fast forward to 2019. 

I was immediately impressed with the number of young persons who were running for various offices in the community. 

The spirit of youth was infectious and for the first time in a long time, it felt like the energy necessary to move this community in a positive direction was taking hold and the young “kids” were going to take over from the tired old guard who had run this town with very little progress to show. 

That brings me to my point. 

I would ask that you continue to support these young people in their endeavors to bring this community to a place where people come to do their business, move their families and educate their children. 

You have already shown your support for them by electing Robby Brown and re-electing Jacob Hock and Chris Haney. 

I also “Stand with Sam” and believe he deserves a second term in order to not only finish the weighty projects he initiated during his first term, but also to introduce new projects that will benefit this community. 

The local endorsements speak for themselves and show the confidence that local organizations have in Mayor Sam. 

The downtown looks better than it has in years, the streets are getting paved and I even hear there is a leaf collection service. The Green Valley/Cedric Meadows area of Ironton is getting sewers. Who would have ever thought that would happen? How many decades has that been necessary? 

Sam is getting it done. And did it come out of your pocket to pay for any of it? 

I know it’s easy to get fickle and switch gears. Ms. Cleary is an impressive young person in her own right and I think she sincerely cares about this community and the community is fortunate to have her in the race and active in this town. 

But changing coaches and quarterbacks every year never improved the Cleveland Browns, and it’s not going to help this community currently finish the projects underway and continue the progress Sam and city council have put this town on path to achieve. 

Jeremy Dogion