MJ Wixsom: Picking out the perfect pet gift

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 5, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, the urge to indulge our pets with lavish treats and accessories is natural. 

However, ensuring that our gifts prioritize safety and practicality is crucial in making this season enjoyable for our furry companions. 

Here are some thoughtful and safe gift ideas to consider:

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When choosing gifts for pets, comfort and safety should be paramount. 

Opt for cozy beds made of pet-safe materials, especially if your pet is accustomed to wearing clothes. 

Additionally, engaging toys make fantastic presents, offering mental stimulation and physical exercise. 

Look for durable toys made of sturdy, pet-safe materials that cater to your pet’s preferences, whether they love feathered toys, squeaky toys or puzzle toys that dispense treats. 

Remember, always supervise your pet during playtime, especially with new toys.

A gift that might not seem glamorous, but is incredibly valuable is a visit to the vet. 

Consider gifting a prepaid vet visit or a gift card for veterinary services. 

Regular check-ups and preventive care are essential for your pet’s well-being.

And, speaking of gifts that keep on giving, consider the joy of adopting a pet. While we have adorable kittens available, already spayed/neutered, vaccinated and tested, ready for loving homes, we may also have rabbits and guinea pigs seeking their forever families. 

Adoption is a meaningful way to provide a loving home to a deserving pet.

Pets themselves, however, aren’t the ideal surprise gift. 

While they bring immense joy, they also demand commitment and responsibility. They should only be gifted if the recipient is fully prepared and willing to care for them.

As you shop for your furry companions or pet-loving friends, prioritize safety, practicality and the well-being of the animals. 

Let’s celebrate the holiday season by making thoughtful choices that enrich the lives of our beloved pets.

For those interested in providing a forever home to our adorable kittens (already fixed, vaccinated and tested) or other available pets (guinea pigs/rabbits), please reach out to us for more information on the adoption process.

Wishing you and your pets a joyous and safe holiday season!

MJ Wixsom, DVM MS is a best-selling Amazon author who practices at Guardian Animal Medical Center in Flatwoods, Ky. GuardianAnimal.com 606-928-6566