EDITORIAL: Going off without a hitch

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 20, 2024

When snow moved in overnight between Monday and Tuesday, it would appear, at first, that our region was at a disadvantage, with the eve of that precipitation falling on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and government offices closed.

But, thanks to weeks of planning, as well as experience from those involved, the Tri-State was ready for the first round of winter weather.

While schools and some meetings and events were canceled, the mayors we spoke to this week reported no issues with streets, stating they had been quickly treated, and that no significant accidents took place in their municipalities.

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This also extended to water lines and other infrastructure as bitter cold moved in the next day, with no major outages reported for utilities. 

As the area was experiencing the effects of the snow and cold through Wednesday, crews in our region were already looking ahead to the next round of snow, which was set to move in on Thursday night.

We would like to take this space to commend the crews in Ironton, the county and the villages, who treated the roads and kept things running.

The diligence of these workers, combined with their experience in these tasks, ensured the impact of this week’s weather were minimal.