NWTF chapter recognized by commission

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 21, 2024

In their second business meeting of the year, the Lawrence County Commission recognized the South Hills Longbeards chapter of the National Wild Turkey Ferderation for the awards they recently received at the state level.

Buddy Fry, of NWTF, was on hand and said the group had won the Full Fan Award for best overall chapter in the state, as well as numerous individual awards. 

Commissioner Mike Finley praised the group for their efforts in handing out 1,200-1,500 turkey each year to food banks, pantries and other charitable groups in the region, while commission president Colton Coply said they were a true example of a group that “gives back.”

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“We’re glad the state is recognizing what we already knew here in Lawrence County,” he said.

The commission said they plan to host members of the group in the future to recognize them for the honors.

In other business, the commission:

• Approved the minutes of the meeting held on Jan. 8, as corrected.

• Approve floodplain Permits submitted by the Soil and Water Conservation District.

New: None


  2024-701 Tonnia Meadows-Stream maintenance project located at 2967 County Road 16; 2024-702 Cathy Thompson-Filling & grading and Stream maintenance projects located at 207 Township Road 212S; 2024-703 Patricia Ann Tackett-Culvert, removal of block, trees and stumps and Manufactured home projects located at 38 Private Road 50

  2024-704 Jerome Monnig-Stream maintenance and Bank Stabilization projects located at 6772 State Route 650

  2024-705 Tom Schneider-Stream maintenance, sub-surface drainage and filling & grading projects located at 488 County Road 61 and Township Road 114S

  2024-706 Merrill Humphreys-Stream maintenance project located at 897 County Road 54

  2024-707 Merrill Humphreys-Stream maintenance and Bank stabilization projects located at 4766 County Road 6

  2024-708 Merrill Humphreys-Stream maintenance and Bank stabilization projects located at 2473 County Road 6

  2024-709 John Stock-Accessory Structure project located on Township Road1365

  2024-710 Waterloo Masonic Lodge #53-Materials storage project located at 23340 State Route 141

  2024-711 Ronald Hatfield-Filling & grading and Stream maintenance projects located at 23295 & 23315 State Route 141

  2024-712 Hecla Water Association, Inc.-Structure expansion, equipment improvements and installation of yard piping projects located at 13170 State Route 7

  2024-713 Ronald Farmer-Filling & grading located on County Road 66

  Approved appropriations and transfers dated Jan. 16, 2024, under $50,000.00 submitted by Dylan Bentley, acting administrator.

• Approved appropriation dated Jan. 16, over $50,000, submitted by Matt Capper, Soil and Water Conservation District Manager. $75,000.00 to L03-12F-009-000

• Approved signing authority for the county administrator/acting administrator signing to rectify discrepancies in Union Rome Sewer billing and accounts.

• Appointed commissioner DeAnna Holliday as designated the official voting representative and Finley as designated alternate voting representative for the County Commissioners Association of Ohio in 2024.

• Received and filed the correspondence from Sharon Gossett Hager regarding each township is required to file all zoning regulations with the Lawrence County Recorder’s Office.

• Approved and signed the title IV-D Contract for the Service Of Process to Jamie Pruitt contract term Jan. 1, 2024, through Dec. 31, 2024, submitted by Jamie Murphy, Director. 

• Received and filed the EMS Reports dated December 2023, submitted by Lori Morris, EMS finance director.

• Received and referred the resolution vacating a portion of Kates Drive (T-1430) Parcels A and B to the Lawrence County Engineers Office. 

• Received and filed the 2024 Food Service Fees for 2024 submitted by Zack Schweinsberg, Lawrence County Health Department fiscal officer.

• Met in executive session with Dylan Bentley, Laura Brown and Denise Paulus regarding personnel, hire, fire or reprimand.

• Met in executive session with Dylan Bentley regarding legal contracts.