Ironton could get parking deck by 2027

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 25, 2024

Mayor, business call it a ‘win’ for downtown parking situation

In the next couple of years, downtown Ironton will see a parking deck put up on the parking lot next to the Brumberg Building on Third Street.

Ironton Mayor Sam Cramblit II said that the building has long been planned by the KYOVA Planning Commission, citing a final report on parking in Ironton and it from 2015 that recommended a number of solutions for parking in Ironton including a parking structure.

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“In my opinion, it is a big win for downtown because it is very needed, not just for everyday consumers and business, but also for the residential demand we have in the city for upper story living planned for our future,” Cramblit said.

He added that there have been many meetings over the years to address the parking needs downtown and that some of the suggestions, like angled parking, just aren’t feasible.

“With that plan, we would end up losing parking spots,” he said.

The plan calls for a deck that starts by the Transit Center on Second Street and goes through parking lots on either side of Third Street that would create over 100 spots and has an expected completion date in 2027. And the $8 million price will be paid for by state and federal grants. 

Cramblit said that additional parking would make it more attractive to businesses that want to set up in downtown Ironton.

“The parking situation has discouraged a lot of businesses from taking the risk of opening downtown,” he said, adding that the structure would also be used by residents of the upstairs residences that are planned for the Brumberg Building. 

One downtown business owner is enthusiastic about the idea of additional parking in downtown Ironton.

“The only thing I can say is happy day,” said Joe Unger, owner of Unger’s Shoe Store, which has been in the same downtown Ironton location since 1947. “Because we need more parking.”

He said Unger’s Shoes was fortunate that they have a corner location so they have five spots, but many businesses have only one or two street parking spots in front of their building.

“So, if there is somebody who is working next door and they are parking in your spot or if someone is a resident and they are parking in your one and only customer spot, that is a real detriment,” Unger said. “Building a parking structure, that would be fantastic, fantastic solution.”

And since the location for the parking deck is already a parking lot, there isn’t any loss of spots.

“So, this would provide parking for shoppers and parking for residents. So, everybody wins. They are only go up,” Unger said.