Commission hosts NWTF members

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 4, 2024

Group honored for numerous awards this year

They mentioned it earlier this month, but on Tuesday, the Lawrence County Commissioners honored the local chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation for the awards the group received at the state level this year.

Member of the South Hill Longbeards chapter were on hand as commissioners read a congratulatory proclamation at this week’s meeting.

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“We are blessed to have them in our county and in our state,” Commission president Colton Copley said.

This year, the chapter was named third in the state in wheeled sportsmen recruitment, third in women recruitment and third in youth recruitment.

They also received the Full Fan Award and the Golden Gobbler Award and were named the most outstanding and active chapter in the state.

In addition, two from the chapter, Bo DeLong and Bill Mullins, received individual awards.

Patriot EMS was honored as a corporate sponsor for contributing to the group.

Commissioner DeAnna Holliday said she has “a special place in my heart” for the chapter, having taken art in many of the group’s activities, including the Women in the Outdoors event, where she has taught archery.

“I love to see more women in the outdoors,” she said, noting she was raised in the outdoors by her father, which prepared her to be wife and mother to sportsmen.

Commissioner Mike Finley brought up the annual donation of turkey by the group, numbering in the hundreds, to local food banks and food pantries.

He encouraged those at the state level to come to the annual distribution event.

“And go to the next step and see the people who receive them,” he said. “We do have a great chapter and they are working in one of the poorest parts of the state. They do a lot with a little.”

The South Hills Longbeards are no stranger to the awards, ranking high each year, something Shawn Dickey, the regional director for NWTF, who was present, said,

“It’s by no mistake the volunteers in this chapter earn these awards on a yearly basis,” he said.

In other business, the commission:

• approved the minutes of the meeting held on Jan. 23, as corrected.

• approved the following floodplain permits submitted by the Soil and Water Conservation District:

New: None


– 2024-716 Jason & Shannon Adams-Filling & grading project located at 1872 County Road 37

– 2024-717 A.R. Bradley Farms, LLC -Filling & grading, stream maintenance, tile maintenance repair and addition projects located on County Road 27 & State Route 522

– 2024-718 Thomas Schneider-Surface drainage project located on the property to the right and behind 887 State Route 378

– 2024-719 Thomas Schneider-Subsurface drainage and stream maintenance projects located at 3566 State Route 378 & 3321 State Route 378 

– 2024-720 Tom Schneider-Subsurface drainage and stream maintenance projects located on County Road 8

– 2024-721 Eric Morris-Stream maintenance project located at 11 State Route 217  

– 2024-722 Rick Eplion Paving, Inc.-Filling & grading project located at 7159 County Road 107

– 2024-723 Bob Taylor-Residential repair project located at 19750 State Route 141

– 2024-724 Bob Taylor-Filling & grading project located at 19750 State Route 141

– 2024-725 Bob Taylor-Stream maintenance project located at 19544 & 19750 State Route 141

2024-726 Bob Taylor-Log house restoration project located at 19726 State Route 141 

– 2024-727 Steve Heffner-Filling & grading, materials storage, scales and accessory structure projects located at 3670 State Route 7 

Roll Call:  Mr. Finley Mrs. Holliday Dr. Copley

• approved appropriations and transfers dated Jan. 30, under $50,000, submitted by Dylan Bentley, acting administrator.

• approved Jamie Murphy, Department of Job and Family Services director, for calendar year 2024 County Designee of inter-county transfer of funds with other Ohio Counties.  

• approved and signed the annual material services and permitting contract with Gallia County, requested by the Lawrence County Engineer’s Office. 

• received and forwarded the resolution passed by the Fayette Township Trustees to vacate five feet of Township Road 1430. The purpose is for the new Aldi supermarket, to the Lawrence County Engineer’s Office.

• approved the appointment of Bob Mayo, to the Storm Water Task Force term beginning Feb 1, 2024, through Jan. 31, 2027, submitted by the Soil and Water Conservation District.

• rescinded the motion made on Aug. 18, 2011, to not accept any transfers on parcel number 15-137-0600.006, requested by the Lawrence Soil and Water Conservation District.

• approved the Application for Subdivision Variance requested by the Lawrence County Regional Planning Commission, Parcel Number 23-081-1400.000, Sherry Derefield, Hertitage Land Service for ODOT.

• met in executive session with Bentley, Mack Yates, and Lori Morris, regarding legal contracts.