Letter to the editor: O’Hara is best pick for 2nd District Congress seat

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 6, 2024

I am writing this letter in support of Tim O’Hara, who is a candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 2nd District.

Tim comes from a family, whom I have known for over 30 years, that is highly motivated and well respected. He is a very successful and respected businessman in the community, but more importantly has generously donated a great deal of time and money to better the community and school systems. 

He is extremely intelligent and well read, always posing questions and reading to find the answers. 

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As a family physician for 40 years, I have had several discussions with Tim regarding the many problems with our present healthcare system. Because of the business driven model of our healthcare system, medicine has become more about profit than patient care, an issue of which he is well aware. He is also well aware of my direct primary care practice, which promotes patient-doctor relationship, and in part removes many insurance barriers. 

Unfortunately, the IRS does not acknowledge direct primary care membership payments being made through health saving accounts, another issue which he would like to see changed. Our medical system needs fixing, and I think Tim O’Hara will be up for the challenge of posing the questions and finding the answers from people on the medicine front-line, not politicians. 

As a former marine drill instructor, no one can question his fortitude or leadership skills. As a businessman, no one can question his success. But more importantly, as a citizen of this country, I do not believe anyone has a more genuine interest in helping guide this country in the right direction. 

I therefore, without reservation, endorse Tim O’Hara for the United States Congress.”

Jeffrey S. Donohoo MD